Who is Organic Hemp?

Organic Hemp is a Danish company with an address near Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark. We do not produce our own CBD hemp oils or hemp products. Instead, we focus on providing you with the best CBD oil products on the European market via our shop. Products ranging from CBD oil, e-liquids, CBD capsules, extracts for creams and CBD cosmetics.

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Organic CBD oil

Focus on CBD of the highest quality

CBD is a growing market. We are constantly looking for the highest quality of CBD products to fit your need. To give you sufficient choice and knowledge of our CBD oil products to fit your precise needs, we see it as an important part of our job to explain the products thoroughly. For these reasons, our CBD oil product range and product descriptions are constantly evolving.

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Do you miss a CBD product in the shop?

We are constantly searching the market for CBD quality products. If we are missing a product in the shop that you think should be part of our range, you are very welcome to contact us. If the hemp oil product meets our requirements for quality, product responsibility, animal friendliness, non-GMO, ecology and sustainability, we will gladly take it into the shop.

Best CBD products in europe

CBD brands at Organic Hemp

Our selection consists primarily of CBD oils, creams and cosmetics from Nordic Oil. In the series you will also find CBD extracts and capsules. The Nordic Oil CBD series thus covers all your needs from calmer sleep to more beautiful skin. See their large selection >
We also carry a selection of muscle relaxing creams from Goddess Sativa. In the same category you will find muscle-cooling THC creams from Smart Restart for your after workout.
Reakiro CBD products are a new series in our range. We are expanding with more Reakiro cannabis oil CBD products with time.

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Organic CBD oil

What do you find in our CBD oil blog?

We do our best to describe the CBD products thoroughly in the shop. In some places you can find links in the shop to our CBD knowledge blog. This means, for example, that on CBD oil from nordic oil 15% you can find even more knowledge about the beneficial effects of CBD oil. Or you can under CBD mania drops find even more knowledge about the beneficial effects of CBD oil for your sleep.


Help with questions about CBD oils

At Organic Hemp we are ready to help you with your questions about organic CBD oils. We guide you to the best choice based on your needs, so you get the full benefit of your purchase.