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Welcome to Organic Hemp, a leading pioneer in CBD products manufacturing and R&D Industry.
These high-quality CBD oils and CBD Products. These organic CBD drops are derived directly from the hemp plant itself, hence containing all the essential nutrients required. We have different cbd oils, cbd oil 15%, cbd oil 20% or just 5%.
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CBD Oil - Cannabis Oil

CBD DROPS 10% | 10ml

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CBD Oil - Cannabis Oil

CBD Mani Drops – Nordic Oil

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CBD Oil - Cannabis Oil


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Best CBD oils in Europe & the UK

Medicinal properties and pain relief

We offer a wide range of CBD oils with varying concentration levels. Cannabis oil is used around the world for its medicinal and healing properties. Around the world, people are waking up to magical pain-relieving characteristics. It is widely known for providing relief in several conditions such as nausea, soreness, spasms as well as other chronic diseases. Some research findings even believe it to be useful in the treatment of diseases such as cancer. There is no doubt that it is a magical potion brimming with medicinal and herbal goodness.

Relief from severe chronic illnesses

The use of cannabis oil has been found to have proven results in improving various other severe chronic medical conditions such as spastic tendencies, shiverings, seizures and tremblings. It also helps with nausea induced by chemotherapy as a part of Cancer treatment.
Although there is still no scientific evidence to back these claims, the preliminary findings of many studies seem to remarkably suggest so.
Innumerable people have found the tremendous health and wellness benefits of CBD Oil. Still, a large number of people across the world continue to explore the diverse wellness benefits that CBD oil tenders.
The notoriety associated with the plant as a gateway drug is a factor that has largely restricted its use but it is still gaining more popularity than any other organic pain relief treatment around the world. It is considered powerful in defeating all kinds of chronic pains. Off late, there have been several studies showing the effects of cannabis oil in the treatment of major depressive syndrome and other neurological disorders. Many users have also found it to beneficial in reducing anxiety attacks and other neurological disorders.
CBD is the short form for Cannabidiol. It is an organically occurring compound found in plenty in the hemp plant.

Properties of CBD oil

After extraction from the raw cannabis plant, CBD is derived in its crystalline form. In its crystalline form, it looks a lot like table salt. Potent CBD products are likely to have tetrahydrocannabinol, the main compound found in cannabis. Despite the high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol, the products will not get you high. CBD as a chemical compound has the unique property of being oil-soluble and not water-soluble. Thus, CBD oils are often manufactured in combinations with other oils.

One of the most profound reasons for its efficiency in immediate pain relief is that it gets transmitted to the various parts of the body fast.
You can take a good look at a wide range of oils we sell to choose the one that suits your needs.

There are several other retailers out there claiming to sell premium CBD oils at cheaper rates. Don't be deceived by such ads. There are many sellers out there that are only trying to capitalize on this sudden surge of popularity in this product. Most of the products out there are just shoddy gimmicks trying to profit from the ongoing trend of using CBD oils.
CBD oil has also proven to be effective in the treatment of ailments such as stress, epilepsy, and melanoma. This CBD oil helps in providing stress relief, tissue recovery from muscular inflammation caused due to excessive working out. It is also known to improve concentration. CBD oil also helps people with other conditions such as nervous attacks. Many people claim that it helps treat insomnia as it induces sound sleep.

Buying CBD oil for the first time? Here are some factors to consider before making the purchase:

Type and composition:

It is important to consider what variant of CBD, the oil is made from especially if you are purchasing it for the first time. There are many kinds of CBD oils available in the market.
1. The "Isolate" variety contains solely CBD and not any other form of cannabinoids.
2. A full spectrum version CBD oil is usually a wholesome oil made from multiple cannabinoids that are found in cannabis in its organic plant form. It also has a high concentration of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.
• The full-spectrum CBD oil may also contain other organically occurring components, proteins, and the green substance called chlorophyll, fibre, flavonoids, terpenes and fatty acids.
• The full-spectrum hemp seed oil is made from ethanol extraction through spagyric processing. The oil is believed to have positive effects in the treatment of disorders such as physical pain and insomnia.
3. The broad-spectrum variant includes various cannabinoids commonly derived from cannabis in its organic form. The broad-spectrum version doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol. It is also widely believed that CBD and THC mixed with each other give rise to what is commonly called the entourage effect. This implies that their potency increases if they are used in combination of one another.

Are CBD oils FDA approved?

CBD products currently do not have FDA approval which means that they are not regulated by the FDA. For this reason, the customer could be bewildered about what he is buying and the quality that he is getting. Because of the wide range of products available in the market and the lack of statutory regulation, the customers are confused about the quality and composition of the products. This is why they should look for the mark for “third party testing”. Being a third party tested product means that a third-party lab has ascertained that they are up to mark in terms of the quality and efficacy that they claim.
Usually, this information can be found on the website of the company or on the product packaging itself.

Which variant is the best for you?

It has often been seen that after using a particular CBD product, a person may not be able to experience the same effects as some of their friends.
The effect of CBD products is different for different people and therefore if you have been using a CBD product that does not seem to bring about the desired effects, you might want to try using a different product. It may not be a question of the product-quality here, it could simply mean that you need a higher potency product or one made with different ingredients. Usually, for beginners, our Nordic CBD oil works well. It comes in the small 10 ml packaging. It has a CBD content of about 5 percent. It will give 250 drops of pure and organic CBD oil that make it suitable for being used in small doses. It is the perfect oil for beginners owing to its mild properties. It provides an excellent entourage effect. Also, it is made from 100 percent organic hempseed. You can be completely assured about its purity. It is made of completely vegan products and its Gluten-free. Also, it is a laboratory tested product of the best quality without any colourings and additives. The oil induces a feeling of overwhelming calmness and helps get over stress and anxiety.

Ingredients of CBD oil

Usually, the oils are made of hemp or just hemp extract. Sometimes the oils are manufactures in concoction with other special ingredients for specific properties such as pain-relief and essence. If you are looking for specific results, then you must opt for the concocted versions.

What is the source of CBD?

All of our products are manufactured from organically grown cannabis. It is sourced from a pure wholesome plant to give you stellar quality.
CBD Oil and Hempseed oil: The basic difference There is a substantial difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil. Although at times, the terms hempseed oil and hemp oil are used interchangeably.
Plant extracts such as the bud, the flower and the stem of the Hemp plant are used to derive CBD oil whereas Hemp seed oil is made purely from the Hemp seeds. In its pure form, Hempseed oil does not contain any amount of CBD.
Both CBD oil and Hempseed oils can be applied topically as well consumed. Although CBD oils should be applied in mixture with a moisturizer or balm. The oils must be used in the recommended dosages and quantities.

Recommended use and dosage

It is first of all important the bottle is shaken well before use. This will ensure that the oil retains its effective consistency. All our products come with a dropper. You can use the dropper to take out just the required amount. Although the exact dosage varies for different people, it would be wise to start with a small dosage. Over time you can increase the dosage to get the desired result.
The actual recommended dose for adults depends on factors such as the intended use, metabolism, body weight etc.
It is also prudent to note that the dosage must be taken at a gap of at least 6 hours. The oil may take a while to show you any remarkable effects.


It is important to place CBD oils away from sunlight. They are made from organic plant-based products and thus they must be kept away from sunlight as it can cause chemical reactions.
All our products come with secure dropper-packaging. You can close the cap tightly after usage and you can even store the oil in the refrigerator.

Is CBD oil safe?

When used within the required dosage, is considered quite safe. Having said that, some people have experienced certain minor unfavourable reactions such as fatigue and digestive issues.
You should speak to your doctor before consuming the OIL especially if you are pregnant, nursing or suffering from a specific medical condition.
Also, it is not advisable to take CBD oil in combination with any other kind of OTC medication. It could cause an unfavourable reaction and a possible allergy.
It is therefore important that the products are used with all due care and caution.
You can also check the composition on the packaging to see if there is any ingredient that you are allergic to.
You must also check with your local laws before purchasing CBD products.