Can CBD oil treat Alzheimer’s?

Can Cbd Oil Treat Alzheimer’s?

CBD is not known to cause ‘a high’ or have psychoactive effects as are known from THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Especially the high-quality CBD products you find in our webshop are safe for you to use to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Consult your doctor before using CBD oil for Alzheimer’s     We always […]

Top Five Benefits of Using CBD Oils:


As the researchers suggest, CBD or commonly known as Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating component of the plant that is believed to have many therapeutic effects on the human body. These CBD oils are prepared with extracts of fresh organic hemp flowers with a high content of plant terpenes. So, here is a list of benefits that you […]

Importance of Hemp Protein Powder – Here’s What You All Need To Know About Hemp Protein Powder:

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Hemp Protein Powder If you belong to Fitness Industry, then you might be aware of the fact that Hemp Protein Powder does play a vital role in your diet and acts as a popular nutritional supplement for those who are looking for muscle mass or weight gain. Protein Powder acts as a firm base for those in the genre of athletes and bodybuilding. […]

Hva er cannabis olje?

Cannabis Oil - Cbd Oil High Quality

Applikasjon og effekter av cannabis olje Cannabis olje, hamp olje, hamp frø olje. Desse betegnelsene er forvirrende og ofte blir de forvekslet med hverandre. Men all olje som kommer fra hamp planten er ikke alltid det samme. Begrepet “cannabisolje” er kort fortalt et felles navn, som inkluderer flere varianter av oljer. Oljene er ekstrakter fra […]

Cannabis: Hilfe beim Kampf gegen COVID-19 & Krebs

Cbd Und Covid-19

Cannabis: Hilfe beim Kampf gegen COVID-19 & Krebs Bereits seit vielen Jahren wird über die heilende Wirkung von Cannabis gesprochen. Es gibt mittlerweile mehrere Studien, die die positiven Effekte von Cannabis bei Patientinnen und Patienten mit unterschiedlichen Krankheitsbildern bestätigen. Neuste Studien weisen nun daraufhin, dass Cannabis auch im Kampf gegen COVID-19 helfen kann und den […]

Everything You Should Know About Hemp Seeds | Top 10 Nutritional Benefits

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Hemp seeds are essential in the drug and medicine industry as because it is one of the best sources of plant-based proteins, essential fatty acids, and fiber content. They do have the ability to improve heart health, trigger digestion, build muscle mass, treat anemia, eliminates insomnia, and subsidizes weight loss problems. So, before we dig any […]

Top 3 Healthy Benefits of using CBD Balms:

Before we proceed any further, let us take a close look at what CBD Balms mean. It is referred to as a topical preparation infused with the cannabidiol(CBD), that is used to heal and appease the skin. CBD Balms contains the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oil, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, shea butter and coconut oil […]

Parantaako Kannabisöljy Syöpää?

Cbd Öljyä Kannabis Öljyä

Kautta historian kannabista on käytetty rohtona sekä huumausaineena. Jo tuhansia vuosia sitten sitä käytettiin lääkkeenä muun muassa Intian ja Kiinan alueilla, mistä se on hitaasti levinnyt muuallekin. Viime aikoina erilaiset kannabistuotteet ja CBD-öljy ovat herättäneet suurta kiinnostusta. Niiden kerrotaan auttavan monenlaisiin vaivoihin iho-ongelmista unen laatuun. Kannabiksen vaikutusta erilaisten sairauksien hoidossa on tutkittu ja tutkitaan edelleen […]